The philosophy of Colli del Garda
Animal Welfare, Responsible Use of Antibiotics and Blockchain

Our philosophy draws from the historical roots of traditional farms but looks to the future, in search of quality and traceability.
Our main projects, our spearheads are the application of the rules of Animal Welfare, the responsible use of antibiotics for breeding and the establishment of the Blockchain in order to guarantee the traceability of the entire production chain. 

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Colli del Garda Gourmet About us

proscittificio allevamento artigianale lago di garda

Our knowledge has been handed down originally from father to son for generations.

We produce with passion, in full respect of nature and mankind. We take care of every step of the supply chain from the birth of the animal to the final product, so to guarantee that our cured meats comply with high quality standards and nutritional values.

Our Products

San Daniele DOP Cured Ham 18/24 months

Its main characteristics are the pinkish colour and the balanced fats component.

It melts into the mouth, so offering the palate a remarkable sweetness and an unmistakable distinctive flavour.



Antibiotic free cooked ham, produced only with our pork meat which responds to the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) requirements according to the strict rules of a very healthy diet.



Its unique aroma and scent are offered by a slow cooking while soaked into Lugana wine.



Delicate scents offer the palate the unique sweetness of the fat part combined with the strong flavour of the lean part.


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